Bastet's Garden: Rose Sapphire Spice

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Nocturne Alchemy NAlentine : Heart Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Originally in the Bastet's Garden; Rose was something the Garden needed, but not just any rose would do...the Garden needed something more Ancient than simply growing roses. For this blend, I blended Black and Blood Rose Essential Oil and created an incense resin. Then I stepped on the resin (like wine), with all four paws and slowly sifted into it the beauty of Nokturne:Sapphire. This is a Rose more elegant and timely than just a simple rose and by macerating the black and blood roses, the perfume took on a more genuine resin state of beauty, different than a fresh picked rose. This is unique and sublime and when I inhale upon my paws this beautiful scent, I know this is a perfume for all Feline Goddess and a perfume to feel like the Royalty we are.

A walk in the Garden, a little sun on our skin, a little music in the air and a glass of wine to enchant what simply is beautiful all around us.

For this Limited Edition, I wanted to spice up the original, but not overtaking the simplicity of the perfume, simply enhance it with Arabian and Egyptian Chai Spices we found whole in the Souks of Cairo and a blend of exotic Turkish Tea. We hand selected the spices from various vendors but only the whole pieces so that we could use them for perfume. It is a subtle spice that gives this perfume a different connotation, perhaps an "after evening perfume" for the boudoir to enhance the wrist with every movement with an intoxicating perfume when closeness is not an issue. Rose Sapphire Spice is a skin scent with a little vitality and spirit and something I am quite fond of. Purrrr.

Precious Resin of Black and Blood Rose Essential Oil, Nokturne: Sapphire (Amber Musk), Arabian and Egyptian Chai Spices and exotic Turkish Tea. We must always remember to Love and enjoy our selves first and foremost before sharing that Love with another.


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