Bastet's Choco Cherries X

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Nocturne Alchemy NAlentine Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Bastet wanted to give you something extra special. She Loves all versions of the choco cherry perfumes that she has released but she wanted to add something new to this classic and make it even bigger and more than just cherries and chocolate. She wanted to make it her gift to you as a NAlentine of scented feline Love. A NAlentine to snuggle with on the skin, like a kitten in your arms.

New version of a Bastet Classic. Dark Black Cherry drizzled in Sandalwood Syrup covered in rich chocolate and dusted with Cocoa. This version mingles with Crystalline Vanilla and a very tiny drop of Black Honey to give the scent affinity. Add in Nokture:Crystal, Tahitian Vanilla and French Vanille and you have 'X'.

Black Cherry, Cherry Flesh melded with Sandalwood, Nokturne:Crystalline, Tahitian and French Vanilla, a drop of Black Honey, Dark Choco and finely dusted with a hint of Hot Cocoa.


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