Bastet Love: Kobalt Apple

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Nocturne Alchemy Forum Exclusive Perfume Oil (Limited)

I sometimes associate the coming of Autumn and Fall with the scent of fresh red apples glowing with scent in the air. I love to pluck an apple from the tree and bite into it with the zest of sweet and fresh fruit. I imagined the scent of light vanilla wrapping the apple, not like a candied apple, but a vanilla silk lightly breathing into the fruit and out again. This was my vision for Kobalt Apple, a seductive and sweet scent with touches of Egyptian Musk softly nuzzling the skin to the very end.

Bastet Love base:
Eternal Ankh Vanilla, Egyptian Spun Sugar, French Apricot Essence, N4 (unreleased Egyptian Blue Heather Musk), Muguet, Orange Blossom and Blue Sandalwood.

Kobalt Apple: Kobalt Vanilla Orchid Silk, a kiss of Egyptian Musk, Mcintosh Apple accord, Apple Skin Zest and a drop of Sugar-Spider webs weaving in and throughout with the Egyptian Musk.


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