Aurora Dragon

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Nocturne Alchemy Forum Exclusive Perfume Oil (Limited)

Chosen names for one of six baby Dragon newborns. This purple Dragon twin was named after Mansku11 and voted upon by the majority of the Pyramid. Born from RA's Orange Dragon and Bastet's Blue Dragon this newbie Dragon breathes incense and likes to envelope the wearer, when her perfume is worn, in giving exotic aroma and sensuality to assist the wearer in prowess and feline adventure. Wear her on evenings when you need the strength of a mighty Dragon and allow her to assist in turning the Dragon on inside you. This is the sister to Orrin and her scent is sensual in a very exotic Dragoness way.

Heady Egyptian Kashmir Red Musk blended with Black Amber Incense and Black Musk deep in the resin of Dragon's Blood and Sandalwood Resins with a drop of smoking Patchouli.


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