Anubis Oudh Iconic

Anubis Oudh Iconic

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Nocturne Alchemy ICONS Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Anubis: Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, Burning Wood, Incense, Suede*, Kashmir , Amber and NA Oudh. *vegan accord Made with 100% sustainable Oudh

Created by the House of NA using perfumers from both eNVie parfum & Nocturne Alchemy with the most exquisite ingredients with a bottle created exclusively for the House of NA.

Limited to 25 exclusive blue crystal 6ml bottles with crystal lid and glass wand. From the new collection of OUDH ICONIC. Housed in a white satin bed within the blue House of NA box. Strictly limited to 25 bottles. Our sustainable Oudh is very exclusive and limited for this NA collection. More Egyptian Deities to follow as we move forward..


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