Anubis Apparition

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Nocturne Alchemy Haunted NA Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Haunted NA.

Anubis Apparition.

There are spells and bindings that call to the eve of Halloween. Where the living and the dead bond within and become one on the night that is to come. Anubis Apparition is called upon in this Haunted NA to bring forth the scent of the Underworld so that we, the living, can walk amongst the dead and not be recognized. Here, we can see the faces of the dead, listen to the moans of the cursed, watch the writhing of the incorporeal being and witness the ghouls that walk the cemetery looking for their forgotten names on gravestones.

Wear Anubis Apparition and see the ghosts of the Underworld rise from the Earth. Wear this perfume and not be recognized specifically by these spirits of the dead. Be warned, only Anubis Apparition can protect you from the revenant phantoms and specters but it will not protect you from everything else on Halloween. Ye have been warned.

Sacred Spell Incantation for Anubis Apparition when worn:

Protect me Lord of the Dead from the Apparitions on Halloween eve.

Allow me to see your dark world.

Give me guidance to see the ghosts of the Underworld.

Protect me from all apparitions and triumph over the sympathy and sadness of the un-living so that I may walk with them and return safely to the living once this nite is at end.

Ghost Musk, Black Amber, Entombed Cedar, Amyris and Sandalwood Essential Oils fleet into the evening of All Hallows' Eve.


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