Amber Velvet

3 x 1 2 3 4 5

Nocturne Alchemy NAliday Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Velvet: Using one of our favorite perfumes, Eternal Ankh and focusing the attention on subtlety, we started fresh and wove our way into a plume of velvet cavalcade. Victorian velvet ghost-like Jasmine, vespers of Vanilla bean, soporific musk all weave the scent of Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute (note not the other components of Eternal Ankh, only the vanilla that makes E Ankh what it is), only the haunting notes and then by adding specific blend techniques the main caricature personifies each of the velvets. Dusty, sensual and haunted. A scent told by a Victorian ghost sitting in his amber velvet chair as a blue velvet curtain moves in the wind from the open window.

Amber Velvet: Decadent NAVA Amber 23, Amber Resin Absolute, a drop of Ozy Amber Absolute then hand blended into the NAVA Velvet Accord.


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