Amber Grey

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Nocturne Alchemy Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

The beauty of Amber Grey perfume created over the holidays from the most beautiful components found within the world.

With the Love of Amber and the cool ambiance of the season, we created a cup of beautiful Earl Grey Tea blended into the hand chosen components that make up this 'Amber Grey'. For the Pharaoh, for the Queen, for the Goddess...this is a Limited Edition, extremely limited to the nature of the recipe of essential, absolute and exquisite components.

Created out of our Love of Egypt, Bastet, RA, YOU, Great Conversation and a cup of tea.

Himalayan Cedar, Rosewood (Rosewood, not associated with the floral 'rose'), Assam Indian Agarwood, Egyptian Sandalwood White, Italian Bergamot, Egyptian Black Tea settled in Amber of Nepal and Amber of Balsam Tolu. Nokturne:Sapphire and Nokturne:Diamond (Amber Musk and Redwood, Frankincense and Pine) are at the core of Amber Grey.


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