Alchemy of Hathor: Sheut Rez

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Nocturne Alchemy Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Resurrected in 23 Limited bottles with beautifully added notes to enhance, enrich and make grandeur the Alchemy of Hathor. This perfume was created for the shadow of the person wearing it, a perfume if you will, for the shadow only you could cast. Recreated under a Full Moon of San Francisco, just under the Bay of water and a bed of stars.

This perfume was created for the wearer's shadow, to think beyond what we know, to use the term of Ancient Egypt 'Sheut' and perfume this silhouette of the self. We have added beautiful components to the original for a soft and ethereal representation of shadowed scent.

African Chypre Incense, Essential oil of Egyptian and African Cedarwood, Gingerbread and Ginger Snap Spices, Vanilla Cinnamon Dust, Moon breath Vanilla essence (NA Studio created with three vanilla musk accords), Sweet Musk, Amber Resin, Blue Sandalwood, Indian Cardamom pod and N5 Musk.


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