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Nocturne Alchemy Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

The perfume inspired by the Opera, Aida by Verdi.

Verdi's Aida premiered at the Khedivial Opera House in Cairo, Christmas Eve, 1871. Isma'il Pasha, commissioned Verdi to write an Opera to celebrate the opening of the new Opera House.

Perfume created by Emerson Hart & Jacek Rose

"Antecedent: The Egyptians have captured and enslaved Aida, an Ethiopian Princess. An Egyptian military commander, Radamès, struggles to choose between his love for her and his loyalty to the Pharaoh. To complicate the story further, the Pharaoh's daughter Amneris is in love with Radamès, although he does not return her feelings." — Wikipedia

Costumes, music, scenery all became quickly famous. The time period of Egypt was never specific, except Old Kingdom per the sets and costume, but it doesn't matter, the music sets it apart from other Opera's. The latent love of a Princess and the Commander of a Pharaoh is all too familiar, but it is the depths of that love that express the human nature that takes precedence. No matter what title we give ourselves in life, no matter what music comes from our blood or what words express what feelings must be heard; we are at the centre of all being open to all possibilities if we look past the social reform, the struggle against what is right and what we think is right...Love has no boundaries...

When we watched the SF Opera production of AIDA back in 2010, it was the beginning of a perfume that has been a very long time in the making. We pulled notes that expressed a beautiful component compliment without the sadness that the characters feel, but rather the love in which the feelings come forth from.

"It isn't possible to love and part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal." E.M. Forster, A Room with a View

Egyptian Night Lily, Caramelized Cassis from Luxor, Irish Pine, Egyptian Sugar of Cairo, Egyptian White Musk and Blue Vanilla Musk.


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