Gypsy Rose

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Midnight Gypsy General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Gypsy Rose.... No offense to Granny... my Granny, your Granny, Grannies all around the world... but this ain't your Granny's rose perfume!

Come experience a divine aromatic elixir of lush hay, sweetgrass, vanilla & champa wrapped up in sweet temple incense as they wind their way through a fragrant tangle of lush Moroccan & Bulgarian rose absolutes. Creamy, sweet, warm & rich. A new personal favorite!

This one was a special creation for a friend & now I'm sharing it with you. This scent has quickly grown to be one of my most popular scents among those who sample it! And oh, did I mention, this ain't your Granny's rose perfume? No synthetic headache-and-nausea inducing rose here — I use only premium grade 100% natural rose absolutes in my perfumes that contain rose notes.


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