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Midnight Gypsy General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Elysian.... a truly sublime blend of pale honey, creamy Shea flower, & Moroccan rose absolute. Sweet & faintly floral, the honey & Shea flower float serenely upon a breathy whisper of the finest Moroccan rose absolute, bringing the depth of crimson rose petals & earthy green foliage to this delicate blend. The rose is quite subdued, lending just enough richness to round out the lighter notes a bit and add some body without shouting "Rose!". ;-)

The Elysian Fields were, according to the poet Homer, located on the western edge of the Earth by the stream of Oceanus. In the time of the Greek oral poet Hesiod, Elysium would also be known as the Fortunate Isles or the Isles (or Islands) of the Blessed, located in the western ocean at the end of the earth.

"And they live untouched by sorrow in the islands of the blessed along the shore of deep-swirling Ocean, happy heroes for whom the grain-giving earth bears honey-sweet fruit flourishing thrice a year, far from the deathless gods, and Cronos rules over them." ~ Hesiod,Works and Days


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