King of Spades

King of Spades

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Luvmilk House of Cards : The Kings General Catalog Bath Streusel (Available)

King of Spades:Warm bourbon, and fresh tobacco smoked beside sweet burning wood.
Bath Colour:Red/Yellow

The King of Spades is the man responsible for 'it all'. A man who has known immense responsibility, hardship, sorrow, loss, defeat... but also elation, the joy of bringing happiness to others, companionship, and love. A man who has climbed many mountains and has finally earned his rest... and worship. With the Queen of Spades ever devoted to him and by his side, this King who once oversaw the whole kingdom is now able to relax quite often in well deserved baths!

*Milky's Note:A surprisingly sweet scent, the bourbon and tobacco take center stage but the soft hints of burning wood creep up on you to give this scent some depth!‚Äč


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