Dirty Soap

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Lush General Catalog Soap (Available)

A TRULY DIRTY SOAP TO GET YOU CLEAN Fans of our Dirty Fragrance range will need a chunk of this soap to add to their daily Dirty routine. It's got that shockingly fresh herbal and spearminty fragrance we love. Men love this fragrance (which is why we made a Dirty shaving cream, and invented a whole range just for them), but we've found that women love it Dirty too; so it's perfect for sharing. This spectacular blue soap is definitely our new favorite wake-me-up bar. FEATURES Double your pleasure: Finish up with Dirty body spray for a double mint whammy! Dirty wherever you go:Keep a bar by the sink so you can clean up with our Dirty soap outside of the shower too. A really stimulating experience: Spearmint oil refreshes the skin and stimulates the mind.


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