Leather Whipped Fruits III

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Lou Lou's Soaps, Scrubs, & Scents General Catalog Perfume Oil (Limited)

This is my third take on a perfume with leather and fruit notes. This blend contains a basket full of fruits, two leathers, vanilla musk, and a touch of my Addictions perfume blend (see below *). Some of the fruits used are strawberry, orange, pear, grapefruit, lemon, red apple, and cantaloupe.

* Addiction base perfume includes a glass of red wine, a cup of coffee, a can of cola, cigarette smoke, a bag of fruity candy, an assortment of cupcakes, a bowl of fresh fruit, amber, and musk to name a few of the many notes. I blended this perfume into a creamy vanilla base with light touches of fruits, rose and lavender. The carrier oil is a vanilla bean and blueberry coffee infused coconut oil. You may find stray coffee grinds or vanilla seeds that made their way through the straining process.


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