Botanical Cologne of the Missions (Eau des Missions)

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Le Couvent Des Minimes General Catalog Eau de Toilette (Available)

Inspired by the tradition of benevolent journeys made by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary to help the poor, the Botanical Cologne of the Missions comforts and invites you to escape.

Thanks to its Original Recipe combining comforting Vanilla with 5 Plants selected for their beneficial properties, this rich, sensual scented water perfumes the skin with vanilla notes.

The skin is perfumed with delectable notes, the body is soothed.


•Vanilla : comforting
•Centella Asiatica : revitalizing
•Myrrh : repairing
•Benjoin: source of well-being
•Chinese Camellia : protective
•Virginian Cedar : invigorating


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