180 Ans de Creations

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Guerlain Retail Exclusive Eau de Parfum (Limited)

The ultimate celebratory act of Guerlain's 180th anniversary year was Jean-Paul Guerlain's creation of a non-commercial perfume gift, offered to loyal customers and people within the industry. Simply called 180 Ans de Créations 1828-2008, this Eau de Parfum composition also appeared quite simple — but none the less beautiful. (To quote Jean-Paul Guerlain, "it's not the number of ingredients that makes the value of a perfume.") This perfume smelled like the perhaps purest and most elementary reprise of the famous Guerlinade accord ever made by Guerlain, with bergamot, tonka bean, amber, vanilla, mixed with orange blossom, jasmine and vetiver. It actually had some similarities to Jacques Guerlain's long gone perfume Guerlinade from 1924. The only "modern" notes were grapefruit, pink pepper and white musk, respectively adding a preserved bitter citrus, spicy, and soft skin-like touch to the otherwise powdery amber scent, all in all a stripped-down Shalimar on orange liquor.


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