Night Apparition

Night Apparition

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Frankly Try This Fruity Scents General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Inspired by: Elfin Forest, California
Also known as “Questhaven"

A dark, quiet forest on the outskirts of San Diego- dense with rumor and lore. This fantasy-soaked forest is located in Sunny San Diego.

Crawling with myths and stories of haunted spirits and goblins.

Today, people have claimed to see all kinds of apparitions, a floating woman dressed in white, a cloaked spirit riding a black stallion, and mysterious footprints.

With its curving roads, twisting trees growing over pathways, eerie sights and sounds, and a total lack of cell phone reception, the Elfin Forest thought to be haunted by superstitious locals —is the subject of dozens of urban legends!!

➡️ Smells like Fresh Lemon and Fruity Sugar Candy.

Fresh Cut Strawberry Halves, French Vanilla Pods, and Sun Ripened Pears, Creamy Coconut Milk, and Sugar Spun Candy.

Middle Notes:
Fresh Bergamot, Honey Comb, Clove Leaves, Cinnamon leaves, and Cardamom

Base Notes of Ginger, Warm milk, and Aged Dark Vanilla.


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