Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest

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Come one, come all this Fall!

Travel back in time and let your mind unwind
Say this rhyme and look behind

Harvest Fest is the best
Take me back to the Fest
Time travel and unravel
There I will stand in the gravel.

As you open your eyes you see rows on rows of Local Vendors with Freshly picked apples, Warm Baked Apple Pies, Freshly Churned Apple Butter, Toffee Pudding and Caramel Candies.

Somthing warm mingles in the air with notes of spicey cinnamon sugar, clove, buttery vanilla, creamy coconut, cassia, steamy evaporated milk, cocoa powder, fresh nutmeg, vanilla bean.This memory tied together with soft smoked musk, base of maple woods and smoky bourbon vanilla rum.


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