Takes the Cake

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Fortune Cookie Soap General Catalog Soap (Available)

For all you Bridezillas! We all know that a wedding is the most important time in a woman's life and the scariest time in a grooms life (really guys we all know you get cold feet!) and that is the reason that we, at the fortune cookie soap company have created something specifically for the bride. We do honestly believe the world revolves around you just on your wedding day mind you, not three weeks after, so that is the reason why we created this outstanding fortune cookie soap that smells just like — you guessed it! Wedding cake! Another bonus to this soap is the fact that on your wedding day when you use it, you will not only match the smell of your perfect wedding cake, but you will also have soft, smooth and all around awesome skin, because we only make the best and the best is all natural!
Please note: This product is made with a fragrance that contains vanilla, and may darken over time.


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