Pink Power Support Breast Cancer Research

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Fortune Cookie Soap General Catalog Soap (Available)

Let's all fight breast-cancer with this pink power fortune cookie soap! This soap is a serious matter well, a serious matter for your stink that is. Not only do we guarantee to beat down any smell you have, but it also, when you purchase it, some of the proceeds will go toward breast cancer research! So not only will you be battling your stink, but you will also contribute to the fight against breast cancer, all by purchasing this small, hand-folded, all natural and great for your skin fortune cookie soap! Now that we have gone on and on about how great the soap is for you and where the money will go after you purchase this soap, but we have not said anything about the scent of it! Well, this is a fantastic blend of berries, strawberry and raspberry to be exact told you pink power will beat your stench down and leave you with a fantastic scent in its place.


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