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Fantôme General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Blackberry brambles, grapefruit, cilantro, patchouli, green tomatoes, cinnamon bark*

Gnome was created using entirely botanical fragrance components. It's a playful, green, refreshing scent that plays up the juiciness of the tomatoes and red grapefruit. Cilantro adds a crispness to the citrus that brings to mind warm summer days spent in an overgrown garden. Real vanilla absolute elevates the dark patchouli to bring a sense of harmony to the earthy base. As the scent warms on the skin, the jammy and green blackberry brambles creep through, adding a touch of darkness to this sunny fragrance.

WithGnome, for us to classify it as an entirely botanical perfume, we chose to use only "raw" fragrance components, including absolutes, essential oils,and resins. Often in perfumery, the line between natural and synthetic ingredients caneasilybecome blurredsincemany heavily-utilized fragrance chemicals are found in nature, then isolatedand synthesized in labs. For example, MethylNonyl Acetaldehyde, the aldehyde thatfamously gives Chanel No. 5 that synthetic, fresh quality, is found naturally in kumquat peels.Linalool, a vital component in modern perfumery, isfound in nearly 200 aromatic plant species and can be quiteconcentrated in sweet orange, lavender, and clary sage. Whether these are synthetically reproduced in labs, or naturally isolated via fractional distillation, their chemical compositions arethe same as their naturally occurring forms.

However, we chose not to include any of theseisolates in Gnome in order to stay true toour idea of an entirely botanical fragrance, and instead use only the numerous gorgeous natural botanicals available.The pursuit of an entirely botanical fragrance was intended to honor the earthy and mischievous garden gnome.

The notes in a perfume do not necessarily equal components, even in botanical fragrances. For instance, the blackberry brambles note was created with accords that emulate both the fruit and the vines.

*This perfume does contain a very small amount of highly diluted cinnamon bark essential oil. It was crafted withskin sensitivity in mind. Please use standard caution as you would with any fragrance, and discontinue use immediately if you experience any skin sensitivity.


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