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Fantôme Russian Fairy Tail General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Smoldering embers, burning cloves, juicy orange, golden saffron, endless forest under wings, soot on feathers, soft flame, and a stolen apple.

This is a rich, golden scent that emulates the golden apples and warm flame of the Firebird. Tendrils of smoke and hints of bright, juicy orange combine with the scent of flying over the treetops in a lush, evergreen forest. Smudgy soot and cloves ground the brightness of the fruit, but together they soar much like the Firebird itself.

The Firebird was a magical bird in Slavic folklore that was a clever thief of the Czar's prized golden apples. None of the Czar's men could catch sight of her, as she would steal only under the cover of darkness, and so he ordered the thief captured and brought to him.

One night, Ivan was walking in the royal orchard and saw the beautiful Firebird eating the golden apples. Ivan captured the Firebird, but she promised him one of her magical feathers if he set her free.

The next morning Ivan brought the Czar the feather, glittering and alight with a soft flame. The Czar demanded Ivan bring him the Firebird, or he would take his head.

Ivan walked into the forest and began to weep, and the Firebird came willingly to settle on his open palm. The Czar saw that Ivan had accomplished this impossible task, and bid him to capture a beautiful princess from a foreign land for him, or he would kill him.

Ivan had no chance but to go to the foreign princess and capture her, and bring her back to the Czar. When she was presented to the Czar she began to weep and refused to marry the old Czar, unless the man who captured her was boiled alive in oil.

However, she had a change of heart and in secret she enchanted the oil not to harm Ivan, as he had always treated her with kindness, and on the road they had begun to fall in love. When Ivan was dipped in the oil, he was unharmed, and was somehow even more comely. Seeing this, the Czar threw himself into the oil as well, but was boiled alive.

And so the princess and Ivan were married, and lived happily ever after.


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