Double Delight

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Epically Epic Soap Company General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Double Delight ~ My obsession with rose gardening got a little out of control this year! I think I planted about 25 rose bushes in one summer. The roses I love most have a strong uplifting scent, like the Double Delight's spicy damask fragrance. I set out make a perfume with luxurious Rose Absolute, carnation and layers of spices that is as true to the flower as possible. This is a more traditional rose that smells totally authentic to me.

Customer review:

"This smells so much like real roses that, after I had put some on, a co-worker was walking by stopped and said that she could really smell the roses that were sitting on my desk. Those roses had no fragrance, at all. It was all this perfume oil! "


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