Couverture d'Hiver (Winter Cover – Holiday no.20)

Couverture d'Hiver (Winter Cover – Holiday no.20)

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DSH Perfumes Holiday : 2020 General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

A double thick blanket of wintery goodness: a foresty hillside covered in snow layered with a cozy blanket of white chocolate ganache. The mix is a surprising gourmand that starts out with a cool whiff of wintery air and dries down to a creamy, vanillic white chocolate and mineralized woody finish. * Unisex

Conifer, Douglas Fir,Frozen Earth (Accord), Orris Concrete, Ozone,Petrichor / Rain (Accord), Pine Needle Absolute, Rose Petals,Tahitian Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla Absolute, Virginia Cedar, White Chocolate, Wintery Air (Accord)


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