Snow Angels

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Deep Midnight Yule Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

This perfume is dedicated to all those who have lost beloved family members, precious companion animals, and dear friends. When the holiday times seem hardest, may your loving and joyful memories give you peace as they do me. They are our Snow Angels and are never apart from our hearts.

This Special Edition 2017 Perfume is created in loving memory of Beauty and in remembrance of Rosemary, Ted, Belle, Elda, Emilia, Bernadine, Mick, Leo, Neil, Diane, and Fletcher.

A warm and comforting bakery note dominates this scent with lighter background notes of classic amber, sandalwood, spun sugar, fir trees, holiday fruits, sweet musk, frosted winter air, soft florals, and barely there notes of smoked leather and spices. The perfume is complex and layered and will smell different on everyone as it unfolds, but the main tone will be a warm, cozy note that wears close to the skin and is soft, gentle, and comforting on the dry down.


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