King Cake

King Cake

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Deep Midnight Mardi Gras General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

King Cake Perfume Oil:

Based on the traditional and scrumptious Mardi Gras King Cake, which is made with a yeasty bread and Danish type dough, braided and filled with cinnamon and sometimes various fruits jams or nuts and then topped with sugary or cream cheese frostings. King Cake is made around the world and is traditionally served around Epiphany and the pre-Lenten festival of Mardi Gras. The one who finds the baby charm inside the cake will have good luck year round.

This perfume oil is a semi-sweet gourmand comprised of: Yeasty bread dough, cinnamon sugar, vanilla, a touch of cream cheese frosting and a dab of strawberry filling.

It's has that good yeasty bread/ Danish smell with the cinnamon (skin safe) lingering a long time.

PLEASE do not eat and, no, there is no baby inside :)


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