Haunted Rose

Haunted Rose

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HAUNTED ROSE ™ Perfume Oil:

Inspired by The Emily Morgan Hotel

A marvel of neo-Gothic architecture, the Emily Morgan Hotel sits across the street from the Alamo, in bustling and historic downtown San Antonio, TX. Its history and inspiration is unique. The hotel itself is named after the legend of Emily West, a beautiful young woman who is said to have seduced General Santa Anna and thus, helped Texas win its independence. The song "Yellow Rose of Texas" is inspired by her. Her namesake hotel was built in 1924 and was first used as a medical arts building and hospital, and in the 1970s, was converted to office space. It now stands as one of one of the most haunted hotels in the world. Guests report unexplained noises, physical touch and even apparitions when they visit.

While the hotel is not necessarily haunted by Emily West, it is not known whether the spirits which reside at the hotel are from the time of the 1920s hospital or from the days of the Texas revolution. Regardless, like many areas in this city, the Emily Morgan sits as a reminder of a sweeping past — oftentimes violent, sometimes romantic, but never ordinary.

Main scent notes are: Yellow Roses, Roasted Pecans and Pistachios, Cardamom, and Dark Rich Chocolate, and a little touch of the Spirit Accord.

The Haunted Inns Perfume Series™ has been my fascinating joint venture with "Granny Becky," a young step grandmother and great-grandmother, who loves to travel with her husband. She has a penchant for the historical, unusual and rustic and has gravitated towards "haunted inns" for their beauty, history and location. However, she cannot confirm, or deny, that these locations are haunted but they are indeed fascinating. We worked together on these ideas for almost a year, discussing perfume notes, names, and the aura and events surrounding each Inn. I have sincerely enjoyed creating perfumes embodying the historical and unique nature of each location, Haunted or not. Each scent has a tiny bit of an accord dubbed the “spirit accord” that I created to tie all the perfumes together. — -Cat Marx

Photos and Descriptions by: Granny Becky


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