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Deep Midnight Halloween : Haunted Souls General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)


As strange as she is perfect, as exquisite as she is sinister, her eyes will captivate you and draw you into her world of the unusual, the rare, the peculiar, and the beautiful. There is no authentic beauty in a soul that does not have some brokenness to it, a small crack or two that makes what shines through even brighter. There is no light without darkness, and no darkness without light.

The main notes of this fruity, warm, yet edgy scent are: Fermented Pears and Peaches, Marshmallow Fluff, Oak Wood, Blackberries, Creamy Amber, Dark Chocolate Pudding and Wet Graveyard Soil.

This fruity gourmand tends to the feminine side and is perfect for those who love a gourmand scent with strange contrasts.

Part of Deep Midnight Perfumes Haunted Souls™ Perfumes

Model: Andrea Frankendoll

Photography: German Sanchez for Deep Midnight Perfumes


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