Faerie Kitten

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Deep Midnight Cat's Lost Scents General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

[Shortly after starting DMP, Cat asked me to make a formula for practice as if she were the character it was about. I did, and it promptly went in "the box"—the placewe kept things that weren't quite ready. Some of these things were merely ideas scribbled on scraps of paper, some were iterations offormulas, and some were essentially readybut lacked a good photo or a good reason to publish (or both). Periodically I will look through the box and see what I can salvage, and file these things here under Cat's Lost Scents.]

She raced through the woods, bare feet hardly touching the ground. Her heart pounded but her foreverfive-year-old self was unbothered—she ran for the sake of running. She reached a clearing, and in the sudden rush of moonlight, leapt into the air. Dark fur grew from her skinand wings sprouted from her back, her true form illuminated by the moon.

Main notes ofSandalwood, Frangipani, Pear, Patchouli.


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