Chartres Rose

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Deep Midnight General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

This perfume oil is inspired by the beautiful and well known labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France. Labyrinths have a long history of mystery and are generally considered an archetype in the human mind. It has been considered a tool of pilgrimage and a way to find the heart of the matter in your mind ("it is solved by walking")... A sort of going within and coming out the same you way you came with self-knowledge anew. Chartres is one of the best loved labyrinths in the world.

The labyrinth has been found in many cultures and many countries around the world. I personally have walked many labyrinths in my life, continue to do so every year, and have found them to be a comfort and a joyful mystery.

Enter the Cathedral of Chartres and amidst the offerings of roses and lily of the valley bouquets you will detect the scents of polished wood, lemon verbena and a faint whiff of candles in the wind.


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