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Deep Midnight Ancient Lands General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Byzantium Perfume Oil:

Byzantium, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantine Empire, was founded by the Greeks in 667 BCE. It later became the capital of the Roman Empire during the reign of Constantine the First, and the seat of the later to follow Ottoman Empire. During the Middle ages it was hailed as the wealthiest city in Europe. The city was built on seven hills and along the Bosporus River and showcases magnificent palaces, churches, domes and towers.

Wander the Sacred Palace of the Emperors, the Hippodrome, and the Golden Gate and enjoy the scents of the city's glorious ancient history, rich in many cultures, that still lives on today:

Temple incense, frankincense resins, eastern woods, ripe pomegranates, mixed with softer notes of exotic florals, black pepper, light clove, and trailing background notes of sweet orange and passum. Rich and complex with a soft spiciness on the dry down.


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