Amor Fati

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Deep Midnight Halloween General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

AMOR FATI™ Perfume Oil:

You might find her cozy, small table on any random street corner when the moon is full. She might beckon you with her eyes to join her in a pot of tea before the reading. You may not be able to resist...needing to know what you feel you must know, and you might ask to draw the cards from the tattered and well read deck. She will warn you that once known it cannot be unknown, and whatever you may feel in the end...she will ask you to "Love Thy Fate."

This perfume is a rich and warm blend with main notes of: Black Tea Leaves, Black Amber, Burnt Sugar, Shredded Coconut Bits, and a dollop of Buttery Cream.

This unisex perfume is a delicious, creamy, warm, gourmand Fall scent.


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