Summer's Cauldron

Summer's Cauldron

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Darling Clandestine Night Side General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Ah, the sweet dew of new-blossomed girls, blooming in the heat, kissed with sun. Their pretty frocks, their peach-pink lips, their eyelashes batting as they skip from the bright blazing midway and stand bemused for a moment in the smoky gloom of your tent. Stupid girls, giggling over everything and nothing as you heavily turn the cards. Oh, it's coming. You see that it's coming. You'll make sure that it comes. The way they titter and squeal at your sword swallower's disconsolate loveliness. The way they say "gypsy" as though it were light as a kerchief. Your wrath is silent, snakelike, a curl of incense smoke shimmering in the dust, riding the thin knives of sunlight slicing through your canvas walls. It won't happen just now-soon, but not yet, because slower is sweeter, like bourbon and blood oranges, with the cicadas blaring, the Ferris wheel sighing as August melts their pretty faces away.

I have the amazing Kelly, fellow XTC fan and sparkly overlord at Whimsy Beading, to thank for the inspiration behind Summer's Cauldron. Be sure to get over to her shop and give her some love:

Kelly requested a sultry, sexy fragrance with incense, opium, bourbon and roses, orange and spice. Summer's Cauldron contains more than TWENTY different scent elements, but I think I've done her proud. It's sweet and spicy and smoky and very lusty, leaning toward the feminine side, but definitely not for candy girls. ;)

Gorgeous swampy photo by Holly Mahaffey:


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