Step Right Up

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Darling Clandestine Calliope Crash Limited Edition Solid Perfume (Limited)

It's the eyes that tell you. When you shout into the crowd, daring them to enter a world of marvels, the likes of which they've never seen before. Some smile, some scoff, some draw back in what appears, uproariously, to be real horror. But there are a few-a select and wonderful few-whose eyes glimmer with a bright, palpable something, an untamed curiosity, an earnest desire to see and hear and touch and understand. These are the ones who linger in your memories, green and gray, gorgeous shadows of evenings by the sea, the glimmer and creak of wooden skiffs on the warm black water after the Big Top has tumbled and the throngs have dispersed. These are the ones who enter unblinking, meeting your outstretched hand with theirs, without fear, without scorn, without a word.

Step Right Up is a clean, oceanic, very unisex fragrance with notes of vanilla and tea and wood and spice. More than a dozen different scent elements and several days of methodical alchemy make it no ordinary scented oil mix-it's a truly inimitable fragrance, part of my Calliope Crash line.


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