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Darling Clandestine Spring 2016 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Discontinued)

. For this I was inspired by magnolia. I didn't use "magnolia" fragrance oil, because I haven't found one that gets *my* kind of magnolia right. Have you seen and smelled an American magnolia tree in spring? I think they're so cool because the big, succulent blooms come out before the leaf buds, so you have these striking pale pink flowers on gnarled, spreading silver branches. The flowers are thick and waxy and easily bruised, rather like lilies, and while they do have a heady sweetness to them, they also have a green-ness, a bitterness, a muskiness, almost a fleshiness. That fleshiness is what I wanted. And I used a number of other elements to capture that. So what you get in Mushyflowers is the succulence of magnolia poured over a base of toasted almond


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