Love & Sharks

Love & Sharks

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Darling Clandestine Limited Edition Solid Perfume (Limited)

This scent is about you. About the wonderful customers who've helped this little hobby come so very far. I've had an amazing time creating scents for all of you, and I'm in awe of the love you've all shown DarlingClandestine.

Recently I hit 3,000 sales, and I think that's quite a feat for a gal with a full-time "real job" who creates perfumes for the pure joy of it. And Love & Sharks is joy to the core.

Love & Sharks is ONLY available as a solid perfume. Yes, I can make it vegan — -just drop me a note in your Message to Seller. :)

The adorable critter on the label was digitally drawn under loving duress, in literally about 20 seconds, by the inimitable Christopher Key, who is very much adored.

The scent? It's rich and deep and salty, splashed with apricot and true black cherry and rum and clove and a fantastically fine vanilla oleoresin from Madagascar. PLEASE NOTE that the vanilla may appear as lovely little syrup-brown spots in the solid perfume. It's not a flaw; it's part of the fragrance! Sometimes you'll get a downright "sharkbite" pattern, as illustrated in the first photo — -and sometimes you won't. It's a wonder of nature, like love. And sharks.

THANK YOU for being part of the DarlingClandestine community. You all mean so very much to me. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^) (^^^)


Discription from DC Discography: An amazingly complex blend, in honor of the wonderful customers who've carried this little hobby so very far. Notes of salty smooth sharkskin, pink and black pepper, true black cherries and apricots and clove . . . oh, man, it's really indescribably wonderful, like all of you. It appears ONLY in solid perfumes, with a label featuring a wonderfully hasty sketch by Christopher Key. I bring it back a few times a year.


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