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Darling Clandestine Calliope Crash General Catalog Solid Perfume (Limited)

They smell just like Kendraberries.

Created for a dear friend, this fragrance is a bright, effervescent candied floral, tempered with fresh fruits and green tea and amber and ozone. Intense and feminine, perfect for those who enjoy a more "traditional" perfume but don't like the headiness that comes with a commercial eau.

I've had several requests for Kendraberry in a solid perfume, so this is an opportunity to grab it in advance. It will still ship within my 7-business-day turnaround time. This listing is for a generously filled lovely little 1/2 ounce tin of Kendraberry solid perfume.

The top labels on these tins are simply the representative images of the Calliope Crash family. The bottom label reads "DarlingClandestine solid perfume: in pure beeswax, rice bran & sweet almond oils". Also, the labels (like all DC's labels) are high-quality vinyl stickers — so they're oil- and moisture-resistant and much slower to disintegrate in your bathroom or handbag. :)

Please note: My perfume solids are NOT lip safe. Oh, I know they're delightfully creamy, but please don't put them on your lips. More safety stuff: Do not try to eat the perfume (fragrance isn't as tasty as it smells!). Do not apply this perfume to sensitive parts, privy parts, or broken skin. Do not put it on your face. Do not use it if you've got sensitivities or allergies to any of the ingredients, especially nuts or "nut" oils. Talk to your doctor before using fragrance if you're pregnant or nursing. Do not leave perfume unsupervised with children or pets. Don't let your pets lick you when you're wearing the perfume. Do not throw the tins at your little sister.

One more note: Because of the complexity of ingredients and the organic components of the solids, variations in color and charming little ripples or "swirls" are perfectly natural. Wherever possible, I make a point to photograph my most *imperfect* examples. Most of my pours are actually quite uniform in color, so don't be disappointed if you *don't* get swirls! ;)

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