Joy is a Convulsion

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Darling Clandestine Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Discontinued)

. . . but grief is a habit. Exquisite, piquant kewra at odds with tawny, resinous labdanum. Many of you know that DarlingClandestine likes things complicated. This spring, I'm striving for more simplicity. Each fragrance in the Two Chords collection fixes on two distinct fragrant elements, inspired by rare botanical extracts that have been cherished in perfumery for centuries. Kewra — -also Keora or Kedra, from the pandanus plant — -is used in India as a flavoring for sweets and prized around the globe by perfume connoisseurs. Labdanum has been gathered since ancient times in the Mediterranean region, earliest by combing the precious resin from the wool of sheep and goats who had grazed among cistus shrubs.


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