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Darling Clandestine General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Your nights are all gunpowder and roar, no flinching, no wavering as the bulbs burst and flurry. You hold steady, every muscle fixed, and the crowd gasps and gasps until the spotlights drop. Always, you hold steady. Later, much later, you'll finally release, as the dawn creeps over the gaudy tents, your back pressed against the steel supports, sweet phantom memories rolling past half-closed eyes, some pretty little set of fingers idly tracing, losing count of your scars. Here in the mossy dim-the campfires dying, the red-black leaves withering from iron branches, the moths reeling, a chill crawling in-there's a wild longing that takes you over, electric, nostalgic, intangible yet palpable. Each year it's the same-the corn grows gaunt and crackles, the wind moans with apparitions and this ache seeks to draw you away. But always, you hold steady.

Carefully blended and infused by me in small batches in vintage glass bottles, this is a deep, sultry, earthy unisex fragrance with a hint of dark chocolate. There's a smack of cinnamony, dusky, almost fruity spice out of the bottle, but roll it onto the skin and give it a minute-the drydown is superbly sexy. Thoroughly appropriate for gents and bold ladies. More than a dozen different scent elements and weeks of methodical alchemy make Falchion no ordinary scented oil mix-it's a truly inimitable fragrance. It does contain cinnamon leaf, which can warm the skin a bit, which I think is rather delightful, but take note if you're a sensitive type. :)

Handcrafted Calliope Crash fragrances by DarlingClandestine are suspended in pure jojoba, rice bran and sweet almond oils.


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