Majorelle Bleu Vanille

Majorelle Bleu Vanille

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Damask Haus Springtime Travels Collection Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Our Springtime Travels collection is inspired by the glorious botanical awakening that occurs around the world each spring. Mother nature awakens from her long winter slumber and begins to reveal her beauty!

The Majorelle Garden is a famous botanical garden in Marrakech, Morrocco. Created in the 1920's by French painter Jacques Majorelle, is known for its vibrant colors and lush vegetationincluding numerousexotic plants and flowers from around the world. One of its distinctivefeatures is the use of the color blue throughout the entire property.

Majorelle Bleu Vanille- Moroccanblue tansy, cardamom, supple white rose petals, pearl musk, tobacco, Siam wood, glowing amber, creamyaged vanilla and crystalized sugar.


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