Yellow Jawbreaker

Yellow Jawbreaker

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Cult Fragrance Jawbreaker Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Available)

⚠️ WARNING!!! This is an international news report: Zombies from a undisclosed toxic waste site, known as "Black Fuji," have risen from their graves — Reports claim no one has been seriously hurt so far, but anyone with cake beware! They will hunt you down and make you ONE OF THEM!!! ????‍♀️????

Cult Fragrance presents a new series: Jawbreaker ~ Decadent fragrances sure to make you smell good enough to EAT! Much like the candy, these Ghouls are everlasting, colorful and irresistible...
Being a Zombie nowadays is no cake walk — But who can resist the smell of freshly baked cake? No one. These Zombi-Girls don't feed on brains, they feed on only the sweetest of baking. So long as they feed, they will live on like Jawbreakers.

???? Unwrap Yellow: A nostalgic fragrance with notes consisting of homemade Banana Pudding, Wafer Cookies, rich Buttercream, Honey and Vanilla Extract; perfectly balanced by base notes of moist Vanilla Cake

"It's so tempting that Zombies will rise from their graves"


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