Green Jawbreaker

Green Jawbreaker

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Cult Fragrance Jawbreaker Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Available)

⚠️ WARNING!!! This is an international news report: Zombies from a undisclosed toxic waste site, known as "Black Fuji," have risen from their graves — Reports claim no one has been seriously hurt so far, but anyone with cake beware! They will hunt you down and make you ONE OF THEM!!! ????‍♀️????

Cult Fragrance presents a new series: Jawbreaker ~ Decadent fragrances sure to make you smell good enough to EAT! Much like the candy, these Ghouls are everlasting, colorful and irresistible...
Being a Zombie nowadays is no cake walk — But who can resist the smell of freshly baked cake? No one. These Zombi-Girls don't feed on brains, they feed on only the sweetest of baking. So long as they feed, they will live on like Jawbreakers.

???? Unwrap Green: A mouth watering fragrance with notes consisting of Persian Lime, Lemon Zest, Royal Vanilla Icing, Buttercream Frosting, and moist White Cake topped with Candied Citron

"It's so tempting that Zombies will rise from their graves"


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