Snegurochka 2010

3 x 1 2 3 4 5

Conjure Oils Yule 2010 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

In Russian folklore, there is a beautiful snow maiden named Snegurochka — daughter and helper of Grandfather Frost who has the jolly task of delivering presents to children on Christmas. In one old fairy tale, Snegurochka yearns for the companionship of mortal humans and falls in love with a handsome shepherd named Lel. Unfortunately, her heart is frozen solid rendering her incapable of knowing love. Her mother, Mother Spring, takes pity on her dear Snegurochka and gives her heart the capacity to love. Sadly,Snegurochka's icy heart of snow and deep ice isn't immune to the fire of love and melts in the heat of passion.

Snegurochka, how cold it is!
Vitreous soul
It does not wait my love
It knows all secrets in advance
How difficult it is for me
What more can I say?
And my heart aches
Ice heated
And difficultly selected words
Where is your accordion?
Where is the light of love?
Do you not know?

Romantically tragic and withering: roses heavy with ice are thawed with a deep heart of oud and fiery ginger.

Oregon, USA
Yule 2008 Winner


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