Los Matachines

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Conjure Oils Yule 2010 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Los Matachines are an important part of the holiday season on the US/Mexico border and in Northern Mexico. They are mummer dancers traveling from house to house dressed in elaborate, Aztec-inspired outfits with drums and rattles, performing a play based on the story of Montezuma and the last days of the Aztec empire. The performance venerates the Virgen de Guadalupe, whose feast day is December 12th and is often combined with Advent and other Christmas celebrations.

Offertory incenses of sweet copal and resinous myrrh, holy roses sacred to the Virgen, blue agave, amber musk, a pinch of chipotle pepper and a handful of festive chocolate candies.

Eleanor Baxter
Texas, USA


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