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Commodity Goods White Collection General Catalog Eau de Parfum (Available)

This crisp, aromatic blend conveys the comfort of relaxing with a warm cup of tea. An infusion of rich honey, Asian-inspired oolong tea, Egyptian basil and warm tobacco perfectly recreates the experience.

Commodity Tea is part of the White Collection which includes bright, fresh and uplifting fragrances for him, for her and for you.

"Treating myself to a spa day, being pampered with the aromatic essences massaged into my skin while spending the afternoon sipping an exotic blend of tea for a relaxing, yet invigorating sensation was my inspiration. I wanted to capture the quiet, mysterious reflection when I close my eyes and escape to a sense of balance and overall sense of well-being."¬óDonna Ramanauskas, Master Perfumer

TOP NOTESRecognized immediately upon application of the perfume

Cassis Fruit, Honey, Mandarin, Egyptian Basil

MID NOTESThese "Heart notes" appear once the top notes evaporate

Oolong Tea, Damascus Rose, Tonka

BASE NOTESFinal fragrance notes that appear once the top notes are completely evaporated

Tobacco, Indian Sandalwood,White Patchouli, Cashmere Musk


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