Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte

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Colornoise General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

COLORNOISE Matcha Latte Memory Perfume is designed to transport you to your memories of sipping on a matcha green tea latte, wherever that may be. This is a fresh and light green tea-forward scent perfect for daytime wear.

NOTES. ♪ ♬ ♫
green tea leaves — fresh matcha powder — sweetened cream — memories of tea with friends

This unique perfume is actually milky and looks and smells exactly like a matcha latte. It can be sprayed on skin or hair! This perfume is made with a mix of luxurious jojoba milk and perfume oils which will naturally separate in time. The perfume has not expired or gone bad, simply shake for a few seconds before each use and you're good to go!


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