Smell Like (a) Man

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Calypso Salt&Soap General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Geared specifically to the gentlemen out there, this cologne is a tribute to a time when men were judged on simple merits: the twist of their mustache, what they could pick up and subsequently put back down, and (of course) how they smelled! This cologne does not promise that with one simple spray an entire flock of loose women will rain from the heavens upon you. No, this spray is a complement to the already-dapper gentleman; the type of man that uses words and phrases such as "indubitably" and "That's bully, just bully!" With green top notes and fresh floral citrus, muguet and jasmine, as well as heart notes of hyacinth, rose, carnation and narcissus with a light musk base, it smells right-o and jolly-good! So wax up that 'stache, put some pomade in your hair, and spray on this subtle scent that's sure to be just what you need!


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