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Calvin Klein General Catalog Eau de Parfum (Discontinued)

Truth Perfume by Calvin Klein, Truth by Calvin Klein is a sparkling combination of green and floral accords. Introduced in 2000, this fragrance was designed with two families of scents: lush and sensual. The lush notes include bamboo, patchouli, sapling, vetiver, wet woods, white peony and white clover. These scents are generally cool and fresh, in contrast with the sensual scents. Those include acacia blossom, vanilla, musk, silk tree flower, woods and white amber. These notes settle into yourskin and create a light, effervescent scent with hints of deep sensuous notes.

Truthis an elegant perfume built on the contrast between the notes of cool, fresh grass and the warmth of woman’s skin. Simple and natural, clean and fresh, just like a brook among the fresh green summer grass. Main notes are bamboo, wet woods, white peony, vanilla, white amber and sandalwood. It was launched in 2000. Here you can read our article’Calvin Kleinin step with time’.Truthwas created byAlberto Morillas,Jacques CavallierandThierry Wasser.


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