Greene Street

4 x 1 2 3 4 5

Black Phoenix Trading Post (BPTP) New York Comic Con Event Exclusive Atmosphere, Linen & Room Spray (Limited)

This thoroughfare has become a complete sink of iniquity. In the short space of six squares, included between Canal and Bleecker streets there are 41 houses of assignation, 22 houses in which furnished rooms are let to girld, and 11 segar stores. With few exceptions, these houses are of the third class; and, although they are now kept pretty quiet by the police, yet there is sometimes an outburst in which the people amuse themselves by cracking each other’s crowns, and raising the d— generally. The scenes enacted here, the filth and turmoil would lead a stranger to suppose that he was in Baden Baden, or that old Sodom and Gomorrah had risen from their ashes to greet the sun once more.

A filthy patchouli-infused, dirt-caked vetiver splashed with rum and reeking of opium smoke and tobacco.


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